What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is translated from Sanskrit as the "science of life and longevity." It is the art of living in harmony with the laws of nature to preserve health and heal disease.  According to Ayurveda, perfect health is achieved when each of our three fundamental biological energies are in balance, and through proper nutrition, rest, meditative practices, seasonal cleansing, and medicinal herbs we can revitalize our bodies physically, mentally and spiritually.

What does the Detox entail?

This program is rooted in the wisdom of Ayurveda and draws from its recommended daily practices for wellness.  For eight days, we will eliminate meat, dairy, gluten, soy, refined sugar and processed food to eliminate common obstacles to healthy, easy digestion.  The staples of the solid food diet will include organic fruits, vegetables, whole grains and all of the creative and delicious variations of these foods you can dream up (salads, smoothies, rice dishes, etc.)!  A selection of favorite detox appropriate recipes will be included in your manual if you'd like to follow those instead.  For three of the five days, you'll be fasting on fresh pressed juice, which allows your digestive system a break from processing and assimilating the solid food you usually consume.  By lightening the digestive load, you'll free up energy to be redirected to immune function and cell rejuvenation.  After just one cleanse, you'll see the effects of this repair in the quality of your skin, eyes and hair, and after several cleanses, you'll notice that your immune system is significantly stronger.  Each day, you'll practice a traditional morning ritual to reduce inflammation, cleanse the kidneys, liver and gut, soften the skin, boost circulation, rev the digestive fires, increase elimination, and reduce bacteria in the mouth. 

Is the juice included?

The juice is not included.  You can visit a local (organic) juice bar throughout the fast, or you can order a custom blended and balanced pack of juice through me. All of the juice is fresh pressed, organic and delicious.  The cost for the full 3 day fast is $95.00, and the supply will be delivered at one time the night before the fast begins.  Each juice pack contains 12 sixteen oz bottles - 4 different varieties for each day. 

Will I be able to work and care for my family during the cleanse?

The cleanse will be challenging at points, as you uproot long-standing patterns of behavior around food, but it should be completely manageable provided you put together a loose plan for your meal and juice consumption.  This can be as simple as thinking about the salad bar you'll visit on Wednesday at lunchtime and the quinoa dish you'll bring with you to work on Thursday.  Most clients come back very excited that their spouses and children are really into a new super healthy dish they've made from the manual that will now be incorporated into the meal rotation.  The juice fast will take place over the weekend, and there will be no days during the work week that will require unusually frequent bathroom trips. 

Is the detox appropriate for those with other health conditions?

It is best to seek the opinion of your doctor, explaining the details of the cleanse outlined above.


Is this program appropriate for beginners to cleansing and/or yoga?

Absolutely.  The program is suitable for all levels, but most of the people that join the workshops have never cleansed before.  This detox is thorough but gentle and guided every step of the way.  You will ease in and out of the most deeply cleansing days slowly and will be instructed on the best foods to eat to ensure easy digestion before and after the fast.  I will be in touch with you via email each day, and I encourage you to write me with any questions that come up during the week.

What does the program fee include?

The program fee includes the pre-detox meeting during which time we'll walk through the eight day program and determine your prakruti or Ayurvedic constitution.  We'll discuss the best and worst foods for your own body, so that you can modify what you eat to improve your digestion and mood.  A manual with daily checklists and recipes, a supply kit of goodies like a tongue scraper, dry skin brush, Ayurvedic herbs, supplements, vitamins, teas, salts and oils, a mid week yoga class designed to help facilitate the detoxification proceses in the body (followed by a brief check in and discussion about post detox living) and daily email support are also included.  

Is the detox appropriate for women that are pregnant or nursing?

No - it is best to avoid detoxification programs, especially those including fasts, while pregnant or nursing.

 What can I expect to happen as a result of the cleanse?

Our bodies are such powerful detox machines that in just eight days, you'll notice clearer and smoother skin, brighter eyes, a natural flush in the cheeks, a rosy tint to the lips, softer, fuller hair,  a flatter belly, less gas, less body odor, more balanced emotions, a sharpened mental clarity and brighter outlook, and (in most cases) weight loss of about 3-15 pounds, depending on constitution and the amount of weight one has to lose.  Because your body can process and metabolize food more efficiently after the detox, most keep the weight off and often lose more in the weeks and months following the program.

Will I be able to work out?

You will move through energy highs and lows - some days you'll feel more energy than you've felt all year and you may want to run several miles, and on other days when you usually engage in vigorous exercise like weight lifting or hot power yoga, you may opt for a restorative yoga class or a few twists and stretches on your living room floor.  Each day, you are asked to practice yoga for at least 20 minutes, even if it is just a few poses you remember from class practiced at home.  This daily sadhana not only continues to wring toxins out of the body, it fosters self awareness and self care, which really stands at the core of the program.

Will I have to stop taking medications during the detox?

No, you should not stop taking your medications without first consulting your doctor.