The Ayurvedic Yoga Detox is an eight day program centered upon the principles of Ayurveda, an ancient Indian approach to preventative health and healing. By eliminating many of the daily obstacles to good health and using medicinal food and herbs, we can clean the vital organs, polish the mind, and discover the path to lasting wellness.  After eight days, you'll find a clearer head,  smooth digestion, increased energy, glowing skin, a flatter belly and a much lighter step.  The best part is that the end of the cleanse is merely the beginning of a far more radiant existence.  Most students continue the cleanse on their own each season and watch the results deepen.  

Developed in 2010 by Registered Ayurvedic Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher Lauren Fecarotta, the program has changed the lives of countless students looking to reset, revitalize and break free from the bondage of habits that left them feeling weak.  There is FREEDOM in discipline.  But discipline is tough without easy to follow structure and constant support.  This is what sets the detox program apart from the rest.  The mindful nature of the cleanse balances the physical, emotional and subtle layers in a way that feels nourishing and supported rather than depleting and isolating.  

 Offered throughout New York City, it includes a 2 hour pre-detox workshop, which explains the fundamentals of Ayurveda and the philosophy of the daily practices.  It also includes a manual with simple recipes and checklists and a supply kit filled with tools to support your cleanse such as tea, spices, local honey, supplements, oils, a body brush and tongue scraper.  

Clean your body, clear your mind, and discover your strength and lightness within. 




One-on-one nutrition consultations will help you reconnect to your body and identify the obstacles to your good health. Together, we will put together a plan to get you back on track. Whether you are trying to lose weight, improve digestion or simply feel more vibrant, the support and experience of a professional will help you to achieve your goals faster. 




Initial 60 minute consultation, lifestyle and constitution discussion, goal setting, follow up email including meal suggestions, recipes, and sample 2 week plan.  Weekly email check-ins and guidance to stay on track for 3 months, follow-up up meeting after 30 days

Ideal for those looking for long-term structure and support




Initial 60 minute consultation, lifestyle and constitution discussion, goal setting and follow up email including meal suggestions, recipes and sample week plan

Ideal for those wanting to discuss Ayurvedic practices for every day wellness.  Please note: this is not a private cleanse.








February 5-12, 2020

172 Norman Ave



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PRIVATE RESTORATIVE FLOW CLASS & CHECK IN:  SATURDAY 2/8, 6:30-8 PM (not required, but included)



 Pre-detox lecture covering the fundamentals of Ayurveda

Mid-week detox flow class and group check-in

Daily email support and encouragement

Printed manual with daily practices and recipes

Hand blended loose tea for the season plus a tea ball

Handmade abhyanga body oil for the season

Local raw honey

Imported spices

Ayurvedic herbs and vitamins

 Tongue scraper

Dry skin brush

Optional 3 day juice supply at a discounted price of $95 - order at the intro meeting




Ayurveda is translated from Sanskrit as the "science of life and longevity." It is the art of living in harmony with the laws of nature to preserve health and heal disease.



For eight days, you will eliminate meat, dairy, gluten, soy, refined sugar and processed food from the diet. 

During the pre-detox meeting, you'll learn your Ayurvedic constitution, or prakruti. We'll help you choose the best foods for your digestive system and for five days out of eight, you will eat a solid food diet of organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and whole grains, emphasizing foods that bring you back to balance.  A selection of our favorite detox appropriate recipes will be provided, as well as a daily checklist of traditional Ayurvedic cleansing practices that stoke the digestive fire, boost metabolism and increase circulation to promote detoxification.  

For three of the eight days—over the weekend—your body will get a break from processing and assimilating the solid food you usually eat. You'll fast on cold pressed juice custom blended for the season, herbal tea and vegetable broth. We supply a variety of different juices at a discounted rate.

The program is designed to introduce physical and emotional joy by cleaning up what is stagnant and heavy.  As the cleanse is adjusted to suit the season, you should not feel faint nor depleted.  As you go deeper inward and let go of what no longer serves you, you’ll uncover levels of energy, clarity and peace that you may have forgotten were there.


You will notice clearer and smoother skin, brighter eyes, a natural flush in the cheeks, a rosy tint to the lips, softer, fuller hair, a flatter belly, less gas, less body odor, more balanced emotions, a sharpened mental clarity, a brighter outlook, and a weight loss of about 3-15 pounds, depending on constitution. After multiple cleanses, you will find that your immune system will be strengthened significantly, the aging process slowed and your cravings permanently shifted.  


Absolutely. The program is suitable for all levels and many who join the workshops have never cleansed before.  This detox is thorough but gentle, and guided every step of the way.  




Amazing things have happened since the detox. I have completely given up black tea and have now switched to having a little green tea once in a while (something I had been wanting to do for a long time). Secondly, my dry skin problem almost completely resolved itself during the detox. This was miraculous for me! I’ve always had dry skin, and it has always required a lot of work. It seemed to be getting worse with each passing year and took up so much of my time. Last but not least, my relentless and inexplicable weight gain seems to have stopped. My metabolism seems to be much faster and I’m still losing weight. It really does feel like whatever hurdles there were preventing my body from functioning the way it used to, have been removed.  

-Farrah, New York, NY


Overall, the biggest feel good moment for me was quitting smoking after 18 years. I have not thought about it since the beginning of the cleanse and probably never will again. This process has given me a glimpse of our boundless capacity to create and destroy ourselves and everything around us, with every breath we take. You are a beautiful being and an inspiring teacher, thank you.

-Basak, Brooklyn, New York


Just wanted to say how grateful I am for the role and continuing inspiration that our recent detox has played in my life. I’ve never felt more energetic in almost every day! I’ve stuck to eating small portions of healthy foods with occasional treats, without caving to junk food or alcohol or caffeine. I feel amazing.  I can do my work with pleasure, I lost a couple of straggling pounds and my moods are better. Even my girlfriend has noticed the difference.  Thank you so much for giving me so many fantastic tools to keep myself happy and healthy, and encouraging us to make good choices every day. This has seriously changed my life.

-Betsy, Brooklyn, NY


Thank you for such a wonderful experience. This was the first detox I’ve done where I didn’t feel depleted or faint. I really feel my absolute best. I’m very inspired to incorporate many of the practices into my routine as I have really enjoyed the benefits.

-Rachael, Brooklyn, NY


Just wanted to let you know that I feel amazing and thank you so much for this experience. I have been racking my brain trying to remember when I last felt this good and I honestly cannot remember.

-Libby, Brooklyn, NY


I feel so amazing!!!   I sleep so well, and it’s such deep sleep. I wake up early without an alarm and feel totally refreshed. I love it!  Thank you for all you have taught me!!!!

-Alyssa, New York, NY


I am definitely integrating almost everything we learned this week. I’ve made believers of a number of people who will hopefully be taking your detox classes in the future. Really you changed my life - thank you very much.

-Sishush, Brooklyn NY


Thank you so much for your guidance and daily inspiration. It was quite a journey and a challenge, but also an awakening. Food and the effect it has on the body was truly eye opening. I feel lighter, and, as a matter of fact, lost 10 pounds during the cleanse. I still need to lose more weight, but with the new set of tools you have provided, I am sure I will get there.  

-Tom, Queens, NY


I really want to thank you for a life-changing experience. I’ve carried over a lot of the morning practices from the detox into my daily life. I really feel healthier than I ever have before. Thank you so much for introducing me to so many good habits, and for all of your encouragement along the way.

-Victoria, Brooklyn, NY


So much energy today -- out of control!  Woke up at 5:30 ready to solve all the worlds problems (well, some of mine anyway).  Feel so amazing today, like I turned the corner! Like a natural red bull!  Wasn’t trying to, or needing to, but lost 10 pounds.  Thanks for this -- it’s taken discipline and planning, but I feel awesome!

-Jason, New York, NY


My mental state is more stable and balanced. I am not putting too much pressure on myself nor judging myself, which is fantastic. I just want to let you know how glad I am to have found and signed up for your program. Namaste!

-Susan, New York, NY


Your guidance and attention to detail was wonderful and helped a lot to get through the cleanse. You’ve put together a great program. I very much liked how everything was explained in depth and that it addressed the body on so many different levels.

-Anke, Brooklyn, NY


Thank you for being such a strong beacon of support and wisdom.  I feel as though you have opened a new window for me in this city.

-Annie, Brooklyn, NY


I truly feel energized, positive and healthy!  And, aside from some cravings at night, it was not too difficult.

-Julia, Brooklyn, NY


Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful guidance and coaching.  It was an incredible experience for my husband and for me.  We both feel amazing and really enjoyed being there for one another throughout the process.  It's a bonding experience - that is for sure!

-Julie, New York, NY


I absolutely loved the cleanse and look forward to doing it again.  The hardest part was the second day of juicing when I wanted to cave in and eat a deep fried, cheese-filled horse.  However, after reading your day 4 email, I ate apple sauce and waited (impatiently) for my vegetable broth to cook.  And needless to say, I survived!  I loved the detox baths.  I feel lighter, more energetic, and not nearly as inclined to eat everything in sight.  I'm even looking forward to beach days in my bathing suit!  My clothes are certainly looser, and I no longer have the belly pooch (where I'm certain that the cheese fat was stored). :)  Thank you for your support and wisdom.  You will be highly recommended to anyone that asks.

-Lily, New York, NY





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